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New MEN for Hanstin?
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

     The rumor mill appears not be stopping for Erikstrup and Pinter that was reported by Us. Last week's "Trouble in Hannahdise?" chronicled the not so cheeky reunion between the celebrity duo in Chicago on the weekend of September, 29. But things didn't seem to be looking up even prior to then, says more eye-witnesses of the couple. In a recent turn of events, it appears that the couple has begun to pursue other interests rather quickly, NEW MEN!
        It was on the evening of September 23rd that the story leaked to US that Hannah had been canoodling with a Tall, long-haired man. The mystery man was the passenger in her Mercedes-Benz when she collided with a Papparazzo while making a left turn into her private residence complex. Neighbors reported the gentleman didn't leave the loft until Sunday evening. A photograph of the pair was taken with MM blocking his face and ducking away from the cameras. What is she trying to hide? "They hardly left the complex all weekend," says a resident. "There were take-out delivery men at the door twice a day!"
        The two weren't total home-bodies though. Pinter's trademark reservation name, "Loupe Eacho" was on the list at L.A. sushi bar Jopaboni. When the two arrived the at hot spot on Saturday evening and weren't seated immediately. Hannah threw an insensate tantrum shrieking, "Do you know who I am? I'm kind of a big deal!" She paced around the back entrance and smoked cigarettes until they were seated a mere 15 minutes later. As they dined, the two sat in the V.I.P section and seemed "delighted to be in each others company" says a server.
       Pinter returned to work the following Monday and as a co-worker on the set of SuperNanny sated, appeared "exuberant and cheerful" Though it is still unclear at this point who MM's identity and reason for the weekend visit is, Us has more reason to believe that something between Hanstin just isn't right. The same evening as the accident involving Pinter in Los Angeles, some interesting sightings of the other half were reported in the Windy City...
       Recent photos of Dustin solo in Chicago have been without his Bodyguard Bo; who was reportedly let go due to breach of contract. Since, the aspiring business manager has been spotted out with, "A large entourage of friends" instead says a fellow Chicago Socialite. But on the evening of the 23rd, Erikstrup was picked up from his Salon in the developing neighborhood of Edgewater by a "well dressed, broad shouldered Man." says a client. 
       The two were whisked away to Boystown (A predominantly gay area) and dined at El Jardin. "They were asked to be seated privately," says a host of the Taqueria. When Us asked his reps if he had hired a new Bodyguard, there was no comment given.
        It's no news that Dustin is accepting of the Gay and Lesbian community. In June, he made an appearance at the Chicago Pride event and made a donation to help fund AIDS research. "I am a very well-rounded individual who is accepting of all walks of life. I am happy to be here and support my fans," He stated in a press conference. Dustin's cat Topaz, is allegedly a lesbian.
      After a brief dinner, the two were spotted at a Gay and Lesbian Fundraiser Party in the Evanston, just north of Chicago. The event funded Northwestern University's GLBT organization, Twist. "The two men stuck close by each other all night," says a partygoer. "Dustin was leaning on him and whispering things to him as the hunky man smiled with glee."
       "Of course I miss my wife dearly, and wish her to be here with me now," Dustin said to the host of the event, Northwestern Senior Cory Lopez. "She is working very hard right now, and I respect her time; as she does mine. We're very happy."
       Neither The Pinter or the Erikstrup reps issued a rebuttal statement to last week's reports of a split. More fingers are pointing in the direction of DIVORCE!
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