Vintage Soup #1

Before there was Bennifer, there was Hanstin.
5 years ago, before blogging was blogging, there was a little-known site called Myspace. I was a Sophomore in undergrad. I say that as if I went to grad school, I did not. I stumbled upon this series of vintage blogs when I actually signed into Myspace to cancel my account. In a 3-part mini-series, You will see the public destruction of HANSTIN. This all came about when my then-boyfriend wanted to be "in a relationship" on Facebook while Hannah and I were "Married." So this is where my mind went...
Please note: I was serious. And 20. 
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
Could this be the end of Hanstin?!
     Following the trend of recent celebrity breakups, Dustin and Hannah could be on the outs. The power couple has been separated for 3 months working on independent projects on the oppostie sides of the country, but reports of the distance could be taking its toll on the pair; says sources. Pinter has been busy in Los Angeles working on the set of SuperNanny for the NBC network, while Dustin has stayed back in Chicago to continue his education in Business Management at Columbia and pursue a career in the same field.
      Hannah made a visit back to the Chitown this past weekend, as onlookers watched the drama unfold. The couple arrived with pals at Chicago HotSpot Four around 11 PM and appeared "Banal and Stale" says a club goer. "They were just sitting there not talking to eachother." says sources. "She was distant all night and making calls on her blackberry." Hannah made her exit mere moments after arrival with two mystery men, while Dustin stayed back and continued to sip on Effen and tonics with pals. "After she left, he seemed unaffected by her exit, he was chatty with guests and danced with another woman," says fellow Four guest. There was no comment from the Pinter camp when asked about the mystery men.
      The drama picked up late night at InnJoy on Saturday when the couple was seen entering the club around 12:30 AM. "They showed up with an entourage of people and they were distant all night." says a waitress for the Wicker Park hot spot. Hannah chatted all night with a close friend, while Dustin danced in the private booth. Things really got heated when the couple attended a private party around 2:00 AM.
      "There was a blow-out in the street," says fellow party goer. "She stormed out of the Bungalow with her pal and demanded Dustin to come with. There was a shouting match that ended with him slamming the cab door in her face!" Is Dustin fed up with her Diva antics?
       "They have history," says a close friend. "They have their ups and downs like any couple, they're only human." But with only 3 days spent together in recent months, things aren't looking so hot for the Hanstin camp. "They have so much invested in each other, I know how much she means to him."
       It wasn't all cats and dogs over the visiting weekend. "They enjoy meeting up late at night," says a close friend of Hanstin. The couple was spotted chowing down at a local Mexican joint, (Their favorite treat) around 3 AM on Friday night. Sources close to the duo say,"They met with pals first, but decided to spend some quality time together. They ran across the street and were laughing the whole way there!" They were reportedly dancing, singing, and feeding each other their meals. "Hannah even paid for his meal!" says the cashier of El Jardin. "They appeared to have strong chemistry."
       The reports of the couple's trails and tribulations is no new news to the press, we all remember their very public split two years ago after a brawl outside of a swanky loft on 18th St. in Chicago's South Loop. Could this be another rocky point, or is this the end? Stay posted with Us to find out more of this dramatic duo's antics!


  1. I love that picture of you two. Maybe you'll get married one day...

  2. Oh I remember this...still love it.