Either these construction workers were outlining their shitty day, or they're Wiccan. Let's go with Wiccan.


I just paid cash for the bus...the bus, which only reinforces my look for today. I'm wearing a scarf from the lost and found at work. My boss gave me a Best Buy gift card for Christmas and wrote, 'I heard you don't have a TV...' Bueno. There was only one glove in my coat. Kicking off 2012 in great shape. Cheers everyone!


La NiƱa come

I started Rosetta Stone today. So far, so good. However, is this appropriate to show 'they're sleeping?' More like, 'Look! I drugged daddy and uncle Frank...it worked! Now what? I know, let's eat them.' Bish be fat.


Uh oh...

I'm back, bitjezz!!!!



Facebook Fail


On a brighter note, today is my birthday. No Birthday Sex, I got lots of Birthday Texts.

Birthday Text (Birthday Sex Spoof) from Angelo Taylor on Vimeo.


Facebook Fun

My friend Kate and I laid in bed cackling as we sent this message to our friend in Urguay, Mexico, Peru, somewhere in South America. We didn't try calling her. All spelling errors are intentional.