I've been sitting on all of these grandiose blog posts for the past two months trying to find the time to spit them out and making them perfect. Well, I'm over that! Yesterday I returned from a week trip to Sunny(ish) Florida with my two besties Johnny and AM. AND WE DIDN'T FIGHT ONCE! Hard to believe, I know. The first two days were intensely Disney, spending 24 of 48 hours literally running through all four parks. Who knew The Kingdoms were so adult friendly? You can buy booze anywhere these days! Glorious. I spotted a kiddie-leash disguised as a backpack disguised as a monkey. Also, Glorious.

I have family in the Red State as well that we spent all day Saturday with. To my surprise and delight, AM became just "A" for the day, Johnny dropped the "ny," and we were able to commiserate with the Erikstrup folks juuuuust fine. I still wore purple though, not all hope was lost...It has been over 8 years since I have seen some of them and my Grandmother said, "You're just as skinny as your Dad." My Dad is waif-like. Ohhhh Grams, what you think is a jab is really just a pat on the back. It was "lovely" as John(ny) would say to see them again. It's funny long how time passes but everything seems to be the same.

As you all may be aware, Sunday was Valentine's Day. Those two did their fair share of grinding up some love. Fear not reader(s), I did not go to bed alone....

That is all.

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