2010: A Year in Costumes

Every year in my life involves far too many events that call for costumes. 2010 was no exception.

February: Disney's High-Fashion Poncho
During our trip to Florida, we were rained on for 20 hours straight. Luckily it was on our day trip to Animal Kingdom and Epcot. The "outdoorsy" theme parks. They were all the rage, those ponchos. Even the woman behind me is working hers! But like Trya says, "Know your angles."

March: Fun at work
So, my store sells things such as this. fur stoles, fur vests, fur things. I like to put them all on at once and roar like a lion.

April: A wigging
Someone at the Annual Easter trip caught me wearing this wig. For no reason.

May: Jeff Probst
My friend Josh and I put together this little event one day called Survivor: Boystown. 40 participants, 18 Events, 10 hours, 2 broken fingers, 1 winner. It was epic.

May: Madonna-rama
 On the first Sunday of every month, Berlin Nightclub hosts a party called Madonnarama. All Madonna, all night. Fantastic. So I get a little dressed in very Madge-inspired costumes with a few things just lying around the house.

June: Weddings

June: Bad Cop
If Halloween is Taylor Swift, then Pride is Heidi Fleiss. Balls to the walls, wear as little as possible, drink, walk the streets, booty bounce, baton-spank strangers, get sprayed with a water hose, go home alone, eat popcorn on the couch watching My-So-Called-Life, alone. Wait- what?

August: "Project Runaway"
Shit. Show. 35 designer teams, 8 models, 3 local celebrity judges, 1 winner

My friends like to put together these elaborate games and challenges to stir up the old dinner party and bars thing. My partner Patrick and I worked diligently together to create the winning lewk.Victory!

August: Diva
Every year I "volunteer" at Market Days and work the dunk tank. As a seasoned veteran, on my third year, I wore this. And brought my Stage Manager. No really, Amanda is a Stage Manager.

September: Rachel Zoe
John and I spent a weekend at his lake house in Michigan going to the pumpkin patch, drinking cider, roasting marshmallows, and impersonating Rachel Zoe. So normal. If you haven't seen the ridiculous Rachel Zoe Project or the hilarious parody, then this costume means nothing to you. And you aren't funny. However, its, Ba-nan-as.

September: Mandonna-rama

October: Halloween
Carmen San Diego, Peppermint Patty, WTF Football Player, and Derek Zoolander
Jay Manuel, America's Next. Top. Model. and Sonic the Hedge-ho

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